Big Data To Support Urban Renovation: Master Plan Of Kuzminki District
Commercial project
urban planning
Mobility Analysis
data visualization
Analysis of the pilot sites of housing stock renovation in Moscow. Habidatum Chronotope filled with activity data supports functional profiling and local identity studies of the renovation areas. To understand the area and build the architectural vision of the future quarters, we look at the existing pedestrian connections, local businesses, activity hotspots, and everyday practices of Kuzminki residents. We use cell phone data to analyze mobility and social media to understand people’s perceptions of the area. Located by the highway, which is the area’s only connection with the city center, Kuzminki is a deeply peripheral residential neighborhood. So, in this renovation project, we take a chance to create a brand new centrality and to endow it with new meanings, new form, and functions, with a consideration of the surrounding context. Creating new centralities and functions in such a big district is valuable not only for the locals but also for the residents of the neighboring districts who experience the lack of infrastructure. To find out more contact us at
Prepared by Habidatum
In cooperation with ZHA, TPO Pride, ARTEZA, Transsolar, Tyrens, KPMG, KROST
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