Data Simulation Based On Analogue Areas: Brainport Smart District Master Plan
Helmond ∙ The Netherlands2018
Commercial Project
Urban Planning
Urban Research
Data visualization
Brainport Smart District (BSD) – the future living envisioned by the UNStudio in Helmond’s Brandevoort District in the Netherlands. The masterplan, which assumes mixed-use strategy both at the level of buildings and at the level of territories, is supported with data analytics using online maps, mobile apps, social and mobile networks. Habidatum uses this diverse people-generated data on mobility and business activity to assess (1) the existing conditions (e.g. in the case of greenfield development we look at the accessibility of the location and its neighboring areas), and (2) the plan for the future, simulating possible patterns of socio-economic activities that will be generated by the development suggested by the master plan. We look at the area through the lens of its analogs and based on their functional profile, daily dynamics of people’s activity and transport parameters.Through the use of machine-learning-backed prediction based on the training sample of the real-world sites-analogs, we suggest possible options for the general future pattern of human and business activity at Brainport Smart District.
Prepared by Habidatum
In cooperation with UNStudio, Felixx, Metabolic, UNSense
Habidatum International, Inc.
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Tallinn, EE
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