Office Interior Design Informed by Data
Marketing project
Commercial real estate
Data visualization
Using analytical data visualization to explore communications via corporate messengers and online task managers. The aim was to study various approaches to interactive visualization and data analysis to address complex questions on how to operate office spaces efficiently and evaluate a team’s performance: • To study the working rhythms Analysis of the online communications within the company – see dynamics by the hour, day, week or month; understand how online activity correlates with a projects’ pipeline. • To study the “micro-teams” and their leaders Analysis of the online сonnections being formed between the team members; define the most common sources, public or private messaging, used for communications. • To study the relationship between physical space and online communications Analysis of the influence of the office space on communication models within the team; understand how the existing physical environment can be optimized to improve the efficiency of the working process. Exhibited at Testing Future 2017 forum-exhibition curated by Office Next.
Prepared by Habidatum
In cooperation with Office Next
Habidatum International, Inc.
New York, US
Tallinn, EE
123 William Street, 27th Floor,
New York, NY 10038, USA